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The question that drives the philosophy of Hanley Chiropractic is, “How does a person become as healthy, strong and happy as possible?” And why as a population are we getting sicker all the time with more availability to drugs and surgery? When you’re healthy and strong you’re more productive, you’re able to do more of the things you enjoy and you have a better quality of life overall. In reality your pain or lack of health is not your biggest concern but rather what it is stopping you from doing in life that is your ultimate concern. Dr. Hanley is an expert at understanding what is required to express normal health and what is toxic in how you move, eat and think. Function better, feel better and live better so that you can enjoy and fulfill all your God-given potential.

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    Dr. Stuart Hanley

    Dr. Hanley graduated Cum Laude from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis Missouri in 1996. His undergraduate degree is in Physical Education. He is the past president of the Miami Valley Chiropractic Society. He is also AMA Impairment Certified and is finishing his Wellness Certification diplomat. He is certified in Diversified Technique, Cox Flexion Distraction, Thompson Technique, and Track 1 and 2 Activator. He is also proficient at Gonstead, Active Release, and other soft tissue and HVLA adjustment techniques. With the wide array of techniques used by Dr. Hanley, he is able to utilize care protocols that will best suit the patient. He is very comfortable working with a wide range of sports and injury patients as well as with elderly and pediatric patients. Human performance, function, and longevity have been a lifelong passion and pursuit of Dr. Hanley. His major purpose professionally and personally is helping to provide clarity in an otherwise confusing healthcare system so people can achieve a strong, healthy, happy life.

    “Since I was very young it was clear to me that your body, brain, and mind were made perfectly by our Creator. We tend to mess it up. I saw that people who made genetically congruent choices in the food they ate and avoided, engaged in vigorous physical activity, and had love and gratitude enjoyed better lives, and less pain and disease. They were healthier, happy, and successful in many more areas of life than people who ate poorly, sat around, and were bitter and resentful. For me, the big question was, ‘Why wouldn’t everybody want to be healthy, strong, and learn and do as much as possible to become and stay that way? This led to a desire to understand what people really needed to function at their full potential. What are people’s physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual needs and what do you need to stay away from to be fully living? It’s a bigger question than I realized and the confusion I encountered was mind-boggling. In the end, I learned that being healthy and happy is so very simple and yet so very hard for so many. I hope that this website becomes a blessing to you as it develops, helping you to continually improve from one glory to the next.”

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